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Delivery times of our products

Dear customers

Thank you for your great interest in our products. This shows us that our ideas are open to you. The first series of our XCRemote is already sold out and we are already waiting for the parts to be reordered. Unfortunately, some electronic parts are hard to get at the moment, so delivery is a bit delayed. Therefore, we have temporarily set this product to the status "not available" in our shop.

The products XCNAV Edition and XCRemote are assembled by hand and then individually configured, tested and packed. Due to the high demand, we are currently unable to fulfil your orders in the usual time, so we ask for your understanding. At the moment we have a waiting time of 2-3 weeks for our XCNAV Edition. However, we are already looking for production possibilities that will meet the unexpectedly high demand in a way that is as price-neutral as possible.

Compatibility XCNAV EDITION

In the meantime, we were able to test our XCRemote with some Varios and peripherals.

We can confirm the function with the following terminals.


CAI 302

LX EOS 80/57

LX 8X/10X

Classic Flarm

Flarm Red Box

SoftRF Badge Edition

SoftRF Dongle Edition

Of course, this always depends on the respective app and its supported drivers.

CE & FCC conformity

After fulfilling the CE requirements, we are now ready for certification according to the FCC standard. Unfortunately, the bureaucratic hurdles for the application and approval are incomparably higher than for conformity to the CE standard.

However, since we already have several enquiries from American dealers, we will try to push this forward as quickly as possible.

XCNAV EDITION & XCRemote manual

Time and again there are requests for a manual for XCNAV EDITION and XCRemote.

Unfortunately, this has fallen a little short in the course of development, but will probably be available on our website in the next few days. Until then, we ask for your patience. Instructions for setting up, operating and updating our XCRemote can be found on our YouTube XCRemote channel.

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