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EDITION21 RELOADED - All new Design

We have used the transition to Germany to put our concept to the test again, and tried to respond to input and ideas from our future clientele.

So today's Edition21 is actually a complete redesign.

4 Quick Access Buttons facilitate the operation in the future and let you call up specific menus and settings, similar to our XCRemote. These are also configurable via our XCRemote app. The buttons do not increase the footprint of our Edition21, but could be integrated into the design without increasing the existing footprint.

The main ports, 2 x RS232 TTL level and 2 x host USB on the back, with an additional 5V output for connecting our XC Remote or other peripherals, complete the picture.

A completely new connector board was designed and installed to realize this.

HDMI and 2 additional USB ports remain on the side, along with the SIM and SD card slots.

At the moment we are focusing on the material procurement. Cases and boards are in production, and the mainboards are ordered.

The 5.7 inch variant is also in progress and will also benefit from the change, but currently the focus is on the release of the 7.0 inch variant.

A small foretaste can be found here:

Translated with (free version)

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