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We receive weekly inquiries about the development status of our 5.7" version of the XCNAV Edition.

Ortustech has unfortunately taken the previous 5.7" out of production. Although more than enough would have been available for production, this would make reasonable support for our line questionable in the future.

Furthermore, this screen, like the 7" version, is or was delivered without a touchscreen. In order to connect a display with a touch digitizer without optical disadvantages, a special tool is required that involves high one-off costs. While we with the 7" variant were lucky enough to be able to jump on an existing production from a German manufacturer, this was not the case for the 5.7" version. A reasonable price structure would therefore have been questionable.

After a lot of research, inquiries and conversations with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, Toppan/Ortustech from Japan has now put us in touch with a partner company in Germany with special conditions. Together with the fact that Ortustech has released its 5.7" successor model from July this year, we still hope to finish our first prototypes at the end of this summer.

But why didn't we use another screen already on the market like other manufacturers? Quite simply: the advantages of this screen are obvious:

  1. Low power consumption

  2. Good readability even in difficult lighting conditions

  3. tested vibration resistance

  4. high operating temperature limits of -30 / +80`C

  5. etc.

So all exactly the demands that are placed on a reliable instrument in our sport.

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