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We are on holiday!!

The last year of operation was a very exciting, grueling year for us, marked by many setbacks, but above all gratifying. The economic world is still partly in the aftermath of Corona! Lockdowns in Asia, some of which lasted for months, had and still have an impact on the procurement of certain electronic components. At the same time, the war in Ukraine meant that suppliers were no longer available, and transport routes and costs became longer and more expensive, so everything as a whole was not necessarily any easier.

Nevertheless, this was a very successful year for us! We look back on a year full of nice and interesting contacts with you. The consistently positive feedback has always shown us that we are on the right track. With the release of our XCRemote we experienced a first highlight. In the meantime, thanks to Bruno Lacheisserie, the chief developer of Lk8000, it also supports this program 100%. We now even have our own preselectable setting, which makes the configuration of our XCRemote with LK8000 now very easy. Here again thanks to Bruno for the valuable cooperation.

Another fruitful friendship emerged during the year. XCNAV and XCVario! Thanks to the great cooperation with Eckhardt and Frits we are able to offer you the XCVario bundled with our XCRemote and also Edition, not to mention the technical cooperation! Thanks to Eckhardt, the XCVario can now be operated completely remotely via XCSoar and XCRemote. No matter if via your mobile device or via our Edition!

Finally, this business year ended with the release of our Edition. The first 10 devices have now been delivered to customers, some of whom have been with us since the beginning of our project. We are very excited about your feedback!

We are especially proud of a delivery

delivery to "Down Under"!

In Australia, our edition is now waiting for its first outing in a soon-to-be-delivered JS3 RES. We are already very excited about the pictures.

We will continue with the sale as soon as we have solved our shopping problems. Unfortunately, with the current "Shophost" WIX it is not possible to adjust our gross prices to the tax conditions of the respective countries without violating the German legislation. But we are working on a solution.

But now to the actual topic:

Translated with (free version)

We are on vacation until 24.08.2022

The store will remain open, but orders can only be processed again from the end of August in the order of receipt;

We are looking forward to being there for you again soon in the usual way.

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