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XCNAV......Coming soon!

Things are getting forward!

The 2021 season has just arriced and since a few days the XCNav Ltd. is an official company!

The content of the website is getting richer every day. I am expecting the first 7" devices shortly, so that they will probably be available in the shop at the end of April.


I am eagerly awaiting the pick up of our SZD 55-1 NEXUS. At the moment it is still parked near Split/Croatia and will receive the registration number D-2309. As a former competition aircraft of an Italian national team colleague, it is trimmed for performance and will certainly provide a lot of fun. After the re-registration and installation of XCNAV EDITION21 plus XCREMOTE, it will hopefully be available for charter from the end of April as an XCNAV Flagship and Ambassador, then possibly with the SZD ALLSTAR E-MOTION engine from the middle of '22, should EASA clear the way of certification.


We were able to get one of the last places at the 79th German Segefliegertag 2021 in October in Rastatt, so that there will also be the opportunity to see our products on site, should the pandemic situation allow it.


There is still a lot to do, but we are confident that we will be able to enter the German market with our ideas and devices in the next few weeks and are already pleased about your interest.

I do wish you a good and accident-free start into the 2021 season, which is once again a little different. It remains exciting, not at least due to the change of the DMST to Weglide.

Keep up to date with XCNAV by subscribing to the block. I would be delighted.

Stay healthy!

Your Markus Immig

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