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The sparrows are whistling it from the rooftops. There will be a new format in the scene next year with the INTERGLIDE EXPO&EVENT. Since last year, we have been working on the realisation of an idea that initially seemed a little crazy: a new trade fair for paragliding and gliding in Europe. With the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre, we have not only found the perfect partner, but also the perfect location for our project. With over 120 invited manufacturers from the national and international scene, we have the opportunity to establish an unprecedented platform for gliding in Europe and the world. With a range from man-carrying gliders to large model gliders, hang gliders and paragliders, we want to bring all thermal sports enthusiasts under one roof. We will achieve this on 9-10 November 2024 in the dm-Arena in Karlsruhe. Coupled with the German Gliding Day 2024 and many exciting and informative presentations, events and workshops, Interglide promises to be an unrivalled experience.

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