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XCNAV wishes you a Merry Christmas


Dear glider pilots,

An eventful founding year is almost behind us . A crazy year for the start-up of a company in the electronics field! The shortage of resources that forced megacorporations to short-time work, has unfortunately not stopped in front of us. So we have, not only therefore, our, for beginning in summer 2021 planned finished concept, several times rescheduled and finally brought the production to Germany. Richer in experience and partners, we look back on the past year with gratitude. Our thanks go to you, our customers and interested parties worldwide, who have clearly shown us, through your feedback and offers of help, that we are on the right track. Special thanks go to Eckhard Völlm from , who not only became our partner through the trade partnership, but also partly adapted his excellent variometer to our XCRemote and always helped us with his friendly and competent manner. Thus, partial operation of the XCVario is possible wirelessly via XCSoar. So we are looking forward to a not less exciting new year, which we will start with the sales launch of our XCRemote and the release of our XCTask App, presumably in the middle of January.

Delivery of our Edition21 screens is scheduled for the 2nd half of January. We hope that everything will work out as planned and that our Edition21 will be available as soon as possible.

We wish you happy holidays with your families and loved ones.

Stay or become healthy, because if the last 2 years have shown us what is really important, then it is this.

All the best

Your XCNav Team

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