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Dear glider pilots,

we are pleased to inform you that thanks to the cooperation with Eckhard Völlm and Frits from XCVARIO, we will be able to offer our XCNAV Edition21 in a bundle with XCVario at an attractive price in our store in the future.

The XCVARIO works very well with our system. It can be connected to our XCNAV Edition21 either via Bluetooth or the serial interface. Thanks to optional AHRS function of the XCVario, it offers, in conjunction with XCSoar, even the possibility of a flight attitude display (artificial horizon) on our XCNAV Edition21 or a smartphone/tablet. The AHRS function can also be unlocked afterwards and does not require any additional hardware installations, but is already integrated in the basic version and can be activated/deactivated by entering a key code.

Furthermore, a likewise optional compass option in conjunction with the AHRS platform offers the possibility of a live wind calculation.

Of course, the XCVario also works with other apps.

We are also working on an adaptation of our stick remote control XCRemote to the XCVario.

Here is a presentation of our XCNAV with the XCVario on:


XCNAV Edition21 is currently in the final tuning phase. Software-wise, we have updated to Android10, which gives us the possibility of multitasking.

That means 2 apps can run at the same time. So you could theoretically, use XCSoar on the top half of the screen, while on the bottom for example Lk8000 or SeeYou Navigator or another app runs in parallel.

Furthermore, we had to make changes to the serial interface.

Due to the still tense situation on the electronics market, it is difficult for us to make reliable promises. Originally, the release of our series was planned for June. But we used the waiting time to work on the improvement of our system. And as things stand now, I am quite confident that we will be able to deliver for the winter season 2021/22.

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