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XCNEWS 06/22

Dear aviators

The time has finally come, we have started assembling the first series devices. We are now only missing a few parts for completion, but these have already been ordered and are on their way to us or in production.

One of these parts is a flex board to connect our touchscreen to the mainboard. Unfortunately we haven't been able to test this yet. But since this is actually nothing more than an extension of the existing connections, nothing should stand in the way of success.

In the last few days and weeks we have often been asked whether we would not already accept down payments or full payments. This would indeed help us to pre-finance the materials, but we will refrain from doing so until we know that everything works 100% and we can also demonstrate a certain supply continuity.

Except for the displays, we "sourced" material for about 50 devices. The CNC frame and the powder-coated housing come directly from Germany, as do the screens. The other electronics are still from China, this will remain the case for our mainboard for the time being. However, due to the political situation in China, we are already looking for a European alternative for the "connector board", i.e. the circuit board with the serial interface and the voltage stabilization.

As mentioned before, there is already a lot of interest in our product and we already have a list of commitments.

Since the displays cost a good 400€/pc. In gross terms, we can only order these in small batches of 10 pieces, at least for the time being, until we can record a certain order volume.

Therefore we would ask all interested parties with a foreseeable interest in buying to take part in a non-binding vote of interest in our FORUM

XCNAV goes "gebeutelt."

We also still sell our fresh and stylish accessories and bolt bags from the Bremen Bag manufacturer "GEBEUTELT" Take a look at our shop!

XCREMOTE goes Lk8000

In the meantime we have sold about 30 XCREMOTE. Some also to LK8000 users, mainly in Italy. Thanks to the collaboration with Bruno Lacheisserie, one of the main people at LK, we will get our own selectable settings dialog in the upcoming app version with our XCREMOTE. This makes the configuration in connection with XCRemote even easier.

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