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Finally, a reasonable stick remote control is no longer only reserved for high-end computers, nor is it a DIY solution. No matter if XCNAV Edition or Android device, mobile phone, Kobo etc.....XCRemote can do them all thanks to LowEnergy Bluetooth.




A 4 button plus navigation button solution combines all the necessary functions of XCSoar. Each button distinguishes between short and long push and thanks to the associated Android app, each of the four buttons can be individually configured with two of nine functions.

Further possibilities are opened up by using an .xci file in the XCSoar configuration, so that this remote control offers almost infinite possibilities for customization.





NEW: Our XCREMOTE is now also available as an LK8000 version.  Thanks to the OTA update function, switching between the two protocols XCSOAR and LK8000 can be done without any problems and in a matter of seconds.

In the new LK8000 version, thanks to the cooperation with the   LK8000 "makers", there will be an independent selectable XCRemote profile. In addition to the basic functions such as scrolling, zooming and calling up the individual information pages, XCRemote calls up the first 7 Punkte of the configurable LK8000 user menu that can be freely assigned by the operator.



Finally freedom in the sky again. XC Remote can be powered externally via 3.3V from the Flarm or alternatively with 5V via USB. Due to the inaccessibility of an integrated battery in flight and the possible dangers associated with it, we have refrained from the battery option. Nevertheless, with a (not exposed) mini USB connection and an integrated charging circuit, XCRemote theoretically still has this option, which can also be easily retrofitted on your own.


Each XCREMOTE is individually manufactured and assembled to order, depending on the options selected. Delivery time possibly up to 2 weeks


In connection with the XCVARIO, the S2F/Vario function is switched wirelessly via XCSoar, i.e. via the BT function. For use with other variometers there is the possibility of an extra S2F button as a trigger switch (similar to LX). This is designed as a momentary switch/pulse generator. In order to use this as an S2F with other variometers, these must ensure switching by impulse.





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    • XCREMOTE Bluetooth stick remote control
    • XCREMOTE USB or JST PH2 connection adapter
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