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XCNav Edition

Edition21 Distec v7 buttons_edited_edited.png

Due to a change in our production and the associated delay, we took the opportunity and completely revised our system again. Apart from an upgrade to Android11, our

XCNav Edition 4 "Direct Access Keys", which, like our XCRemote, can be customized by the user via our XCRemote App.

What makes our system so unique?

Very easily. It gives you complete freedom of choice regarding your favorite navigation solution! It doesn't matter whether it's XCSoar, LK8000, TopHat, Cumulus, SeeYou Mobile, EasyVfr, VfRNav etc... All apps available in the Google Playstore run on your computer and can also be easily "updated" from it!

Finally freedom in the sky again!

And it's conveniently built into your panel, on a sunlight-readable transflective display and easy to operate via the touch display or our XCRemote stick remote control.

Plus full connectivity via LTE and/or Bluetooth or WiFi! Without surcharge and dongle!

  • Android 11

  • Easy update via installed Google Play

  • WIFI

  • BT 4.1

  • LTE modem

  • 4 x USB (3x USB2.0/ 1 x USB3.0 OTG)

  • 5V/0.5A power out for XCRemote or other 5V peripheral devices.

  • SDCard reader

  • 2 x RS232 serial interfaces for connecting peripheral devices such as Vario and Flarm leave nothing to be desired

Edition21 Distec v7_edited_edited.png
Edition21 Distec v7 back_edited.png
original_0a01f1c8-b199-4f11-86b5-5fd7c1239cd6_Screenshot_20220214-123243_Adobe Acrobat.jpg

Simply update the RASP forecast in XCSoar at the airfield, view TopMeto maps, use the XCSoar cloud or upload the DMST/WeGlide flight online, let loved ones at home your buddies know where you are at any moment via skylines!

The XCNav Edition21 is designed to work with the XCVario, but should also work with other variometers from well-known manufacturers, as long as the driver is available in the respective NavApp. Attempts to do so will follow!


A second touchscreen for the use in a two-seater  is under development.

So it doesn't matter whether as a glidecomputer in your glider or as a nav-companion in your UL. The days of suctionmounts and hard-to-read cell phone displays are finally history!

Two different sizes, 5.7 "and 7", will give you the choice and offer you the right size for every panel.


Thank you for your interest and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have at any time.


Your XCNAV team

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