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XCNAV wishes you a peacefull X-Mas time

A successful and busy year lies behind us. This year has shown how much our concept has proven itself. Even at the World Championships in Naromine, our XCNAV Edition flew in the 15m class in a brand new JS3 RES from the Swiss team. Over 80 XCNAV Editions are now flying worldwide. Not only in Dragonflies, Cirrus and other club class aircraft, but also in models such as the AS34 ME, Ventus 3 and JS1+3.

Many challenges await us again in the coming months, starting with the release of the 5.7" version of our navigation system "XCNav Edition" in spring, the further development of existing products and the mega project "Interglide", one of the largest gliding and paragliding trade fairs to date, which we are organising together with Messe Karlsruhe. (Info here :

As XCNav is still more or less a "one man show", we need to industrialise our production more in order to meet the demand in time. So far, each of our products is manually assembled and tested overnight.

Before we tackle all this, we are now enjoying the peace and quiet between the years and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sincerely yours Markus

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