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Our XCNAV Edition plus XCVario 80mm by Eckhard Völlm in a bundle. With that you have all the options. The XCVario even displays a live wind calculation, similar to Hawk, in connection with the optionally available magnetic sensor.

With the optionally available activation of the AHRS sensor, XCSoar and LK8000 can display an artificial horizon.


Options: (available in the shop)

AHRS license - artificial horizon in XCSOAR and LK8000 (is not required for the internal real-time wind function, data for this is provided by the sensors even without an AHRS license)

Magnetic heading CAN BUS Sensor.




​Due to a change in our production and the associated delay, we took the opportunity and completely revised our system again. Apart from an upgrade to Android11, our

XCNav Edition 4 "System buttons", which facilitate operation away from the touchscreen with an assignment for volume, brightness, escape and enter and an XCSOAR Quickmenu button.

What makes our system so unique?

Very easily. It gives you complete freedom of choice regarding your favorite navigation solution! It doesn't matter whether it's XCSoar, LK8000, TopHat, Cumulus, EasyVfr, VfRNav etc... All apps available in the Google Playstore run on your computer and can also be easily "updated" from it!

Finally freedom in the sky again!

And it's conveniently built into your panel, on a sunlight-readable transflective display and easy to operate via the touch display or our XCRemote stick remote control.

Plus full connectivity via LTE and/or Bluetooth or WiFi! Without surcharge and dongle!

Multi platform navigation system based on Android


RK3566 QuadCore Processor 1.8GHz 16GB ROM

7 inch PCAP transflective, vibration-tested touchscreen (no loss of optical properties due to optical bonding of the touch digitizer)

Full connectivity via WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1, Bluetooth Low Energy, LTE modem (own SIM card is required) This means that our edition supports 100% of the APPS designed for mobile devices such as XCSoar, LK8000 etc. (WeGlide Upload, WX, Airspaces etc.)

Android 11 operating system: handling as usual from a smartphone! No cumbersome removal/conversion or connection of cables for updating. App updates simply online via the pre-installed Google Play Store. Android system updates are also made available online.

Easy operation with touchscreen and 4 buttons, no additional DIY input devices are required.

our BT stick remote control XCRemote is also available.

Compatible with Stefly and OV input devices, these can simply continue to be used.


optimally matched to XCVario

Low power consumption (measured at 12.3V, full brightness level:) Standalone: ~300mAh (~3.7W)

with XCRemote: ~360mAh (~4.4W)

with XcRemote and XCVario: ~520mAh (~6.4W)

Broadband, safe power supply 11-36V IN. Internally fused by 3A AutoFuse.

Low heat generation due to transflective screen and therefore no additional power-consuming fans necessary (device gets max. hand-warm in continuous operation)

Inputs/Outputs: 1 x USB 3.0 OTG

3 x USB 2.0

2 x RJ45 RS232TTL IGC pinout with 12V/0.5A (Vin=Vout) power supply, internally fused, for connecting Flarm, Vario, Logger etc.

1 x HDMI for future two seater unit

1 x 3.5mm audio out

1 x MicroSD card reader

1 x 5V0.5A Out, internally fused, for connecting our XCREMOTE Bluetooth stick remote control or a USB PowerOut socket etc


XCNAV Edition has no internal sensors. These must be provided via peripheral hardware such as Flarm, Logger, Vario etc. XCNAV EDITION offers 2 x RS232 TTL level interfaces for the transmission of the NMEA data set. The hardware compatibility depends on the support by hardware drivers of the app used and the protocol of the respective instrument. XCNAV accepts no responsibility for this.


A second screen with touch function for use in the two-seater is under development.

So no matter whether as a distance calculator in your glider or as a companion in your UL. The days of suction cup holders and poorly readable mobile phone displays are finally history!


Excluding VAT |
Vorraussichtlich mitte Januar wieder verfügbar!
    • Overall dimensions approx:  179 x 121 x 46.5 mm
    • Panel cutout dimensions 160.5 x 108.5 mm
    • Screen dimensions 156.5mm x 94.5mm
    • Resolution 840 x 400 pixels
    • Screen Technology: Transflective/Blanview
    • highest contrast values 
    • Viewing angle stability: 80/80/80/80
    • Min/Max storage temperature screen -40 degrees /95 degrees Celsius
    • Min/Max operating temperature screen -30 degrees/85 degrees Celsius
    • Internal GPS receiver: No
    • Internal pressure sensors: no
    • Android 11
    • 16GB ROM
    • WiFi
    • BT 4.1
    • LTE modem
    • 4x USB (3x USB 2.0/1x USB 3.0 OTG)
    • 2 x RS232 serial port
    • SD card reader
    • 5V/0.5A power connector for XCRemote or other 5V peripherals.
    • Power consumption:  approx. 300mAh/12.5V
    • Power supply 11-35 volts
    • 11-35V connection cable
    • XCVARIO 80mm electronic variometer
    • XCVARIO/FLARM connection cable incl. temperature sensor
    • optional XCVARIO CAN BUS magnetic sensor
    • optional AHRS unlock code
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