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THE unbeatable combo.

Thanks to the wireless router function of the XCVARIO80mm  it is now very easy to route FLARM and Vario data to your mobile phone or tablet without additional setup of peripheral devices. This turns your mobile device into a fully-fledged navigation tool. Together with our XCREMOTE you can "REMOTE CONTROL" the whole thing comfortably, and even the XCVario can be operated completely "remotely" via XCSOAR.

We are working on an adaptation XCVARIO an LK8000 to enable the remote control of the vario via LK8000.


Options: (available in the shop)

  1. AHRS license - artificial horizon in XCSOAR and LK8000 (is not required for the internal real-time wind function, data for this is provided by the sensors even without an AHRS license)
  2. Magnetic heading CAN BUS Sensor.



XCREMOTE Bundle 80mm

Excluding VAT |
seam color
Expected to be available again mid-May!

    • XCREMOTE Bluetooth stick remote control
    • XCREMOTE USB or JST PH2 connection adapter
    • XCVARIO 80mm electronic variometer
    • XCVARIO/FLARM connection cable incl. temperature sensor
    • optional XCVARIO CAN BUS magnetic sensor
    • optional AHRS unlock code
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