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Port S2 Extender Splitter with power Split on RS232 port for connection to a remote gadget with provides 12V on its IGC port itself and so requires power split.

  • Simple splitting with RJ45 Patch Cable
  • 1 port for Flap-Sensor
  • 1 port for RS232 Interface e.g. for OpenVario (OV) providing GND/RX/TX but no 12V power
  • 1 port for CAN-BUS (provided by XCVario-22 only) magnetic heading sensor or second XCVario-22
  • 30 cm flat Cat 6 RJ45 cable included
  • Optional e.g. for flap sensor 3 Meter Cat 6  Cable in the Shop (not included)

XCVARIO Port Extender/ Y-Cable with powersplit

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